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Toradol - General information

Painful syndrome is often a symptom of some disorder in the body or consequence of the trauma. Severe prolonged pain may bring many problems especially if you do not have a strong medicine on you. Depending on the intense of the painful sensations different analgesics are used. But not all of them are able to cope with severe pain. If you want to have a medicine which helps you to cope with pain of any severity, you may be recommended to buy Toradol.

Toradol is a non-steroid anti-inflammatory drug of the broad spectrum action. It provides pain-reliving, antifebrile, and anti-inflammatory action. The advantage of this drug is that it is similar with opium analgesics as to its therapeutic activity, and it is not worse than morphine. But Toradol is a safer drug which is better tolerated by most patients and does not have such big list of the side effects as opium analgesics.

The main active ingredient of Toradol is Ketorolaca trometamin. It inhibits the work of some enzymes and receptors in our body which give the reaction to trauma or a disease in the body and cause pain, inflammation, and fever.

The pain-relieving action of Toradol is started in 30-60 minutes depending on the way of the drug use (intramuscularly or orally). The maximal therapeutic effect is observed in 1-2 hours and lasts for about 5-6 hours.

Directions for the use Toradol

Toradol is prescribed for painful syndrome of the middle and severe severity level, mainly after surgeries. Also, this drug may be used to reduce:

  • Toothache
  • Pain after trauma
  • Pain in postpartum period
  • Painful syndrome during neuralgia, radiculitis, myalgia
Painful sensations during rheumatic, and oncological diseases.

Toradol: Dosage details

Depending on the site of the painful sensations and severity level of the painful syndrome the way of the drug use (intramuscular or peroral) is determined. Before you buy Toradol it is necessary to consult a physician and specify what medical form should be selected for the treatment of the painful syndrome.

  • Using Toradol in the form of injections patients are implemented 15-30 mg every 4-6 hours
  • The maximal daily dose of Toradol is 120 mg
  • For severe sensations during serious trauma it is possible to use injections of Toradol every two hours, 15-30 mg but the daily dose should not exceed 120 mg
  • For peroral use of Toradol the medicine is prescribed 10 mg 4-5 times a day. The maximal daily dose is 40-50 mg.
  • The patients with the body weight lower than 50 kg and senior patients should reduce the daily dose by two times. With the onset of the therapeutic effect and body reaction the dosage regimen may be adjusted.
The length of the use of Toradol should not exceed 5-6 days.

Toradol: Side effects

Using the maximal daily dosages of Toradol within the entire treatment the patient may develop the side effects.
The most probable side effects are nausea, stomachache, sleepiness, diarrhea, anxiety, headache, Sweating, edema, pain the place of the injection, euphoria, and sleep disorder.

Using the drug in the form of the tablets the side effects of the gastro-intestinal tract appear often because it is conditioned by the irritation of the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestine.

Interaction with other medical products

  • During the simultaneous use of Toradol with other NSAIDs the additive side effects may develop
  • During the simultaneous use of Toradol with anticoagulants the risk of the bleeding is increased
  • Ketorolaca trometamin reduces the diuretic effect of furosemide as a result the adjustment of the dosage is needed
  • It is needed to avoid the simultaneous use of Toradol with ACE inhibitors because the risk of the development of the kidneys dysfunction is increased.


In case of the overdose the side effects become more intense: stomachache, nausea, vomiting, erosive ulcerous affection of the gastro-intestinal tracts, and dysfunction of kidneys.

The non-observance of the dosage regimen may lead to the worsening of the patient's condition. In case of the overdose. It is necessary to see a doctor and have symptomatic therapy to maintain the vital functions of the body.

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