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Flagyl - General information

Protozoa infections cause severe diseases in human. These are infections caused by protozoa parasites which are not treatable by the common antibiotics. To treat protozoa infections special antimicrobial drugs such as Flagyl are used.

Flagyl is anti-protozoal medical product which has the antibacterial activity and effectively copes with protozoa microorganisms. Flagyl contains the active component Metronidazole, a component of the group nitro-5-imidazole.

A peculiarity of metronidazole is that this component easily and quickly penetrates into all tissues and liquids in the body. It even penetrates via the placentary barrier and into the breast milk. Therefore, the efficiency of Flagyl is not in doubt and due to the high activity of the active components this drug is able to neutralize the microorganisms of any localization.

As many antibacterial drugs Flagyl breaks the metabolic process of the microorganisms. Metronidazole inhibits the synthesis of nucleic acids of protozoa, and it leads to the reduction of the ability of microorganisms to develop, and they die. It occurs rather quickly, and therefore the prolonged therapy with Flagyl is not expected. In any case, before buying Flagyl it is recommended to consult a professional medical specialist.

Directions for the use Flagyl

  • Protozoa infections caused by the microorganisms sensitive to Flagyl: abentric amebiasis, amebic abscess of liver, trichomoniasis, trichomonas vaginitis/urethritis
  • Infections caused by Bacteroides spp: meningitis, abscess of brain, bacterial endocarditis, infectious affection of the respiratory tracts
  • Protozoa infections of the organs of the digestion and gastro0intestinal tract
  • Prophylaxis of post-operation complications (especially after surgeries on the organs of GIT and gynecological surgeries)

Flagyl: Dosage details

The dosage regimen of Flagyl may vary during different infections. There are no any indexes of Flagyl dosages which should be used for all diseases. Therefore, if you decided to buy Flagyl, it is needed to preliminarily determine the type of the microorganisms which cause the infections and determine the most optimal course of the treatment and dosage.

  • For amebiasis Flagyl is used orally 1 tablet 500 mg 3 times a day within 7 days (the daily dose of 1,5 g)
  • For trichomoniasis the treatment may be prolonged within 10 days. In this case, 1 tablet of Flagyl 250 mg is used 2 times a day (daily dose of 500 mg). or, 2 g of Flagyl is prescribed once. The dosage and scheme of the treatment depend on the sensitivity to metronidazole and ability of the patient to safely uptake the single dosage.

In the treatment of the anaerobic infections adults are prescribed Flagyl 1-1,5 g a day.

Flagyl: Side effects

Flagyl often becomes a cause of the appearance of the side effects. In case of the use of the allowed doses the probability of the appearance of the side reactions is almost zero. But, there are cases of the side effects appearance in the medical practice: nausea, metallic taste in the mouth, dry mouth, disorder of the coordination, weakness, insomnia, and urination staining into brown color.

There is no need in the medical intervention and symptomatic therapy.

Interaction with other medical products

  • Flagyl is completely incompatible with ethanol alcohol. In case of the interaction with these components there is a sharp reaction which causes the side effects
  • Flagyl may be used with Disulfiram only with the interval of 2 weeks. In case of the simultaneous use of these drugs the neurologic disorders may occur
  • Cimetidine inhibits metabolism of metronidazole which may lead to the increase of its concentration in the blood serum.


There are almost no cases of the overdose with Flagyl in the medical practice. There is information about single use of Flagyl in the dose of more than 10g, and then the patient had sudden adverse symptoms: severe vomiting, dizziness, a state of faint, allergic reaction, and ataxia.

In case of the overdose with Flagyl drug the standard measures are taken recommended during the intoxication with medical drugs (stomach lavage and symptomatic therapy).

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