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Podofilox - General information

Podofilox is a medical product which is used for the treatment of the pointed condyloma.

It is necessary to understand that there are many methods of the treatment of the human papilloma virus, but, unfortunately, the frequency of the relapses of this disease is high because the treatment of the clinical or latent form of the disease does not remove its causative agent and a chance of the reappearance of the symptoms is kept.

Therefore, if you decided to buy Podofilox and have the treatment with this drug, do not be afraid that in 6 months you will have condyloma again.

The main active component of this drug is Podofyllotoxin. In the process of the high level of the clearance this component provides cytostatic and antitumor action. Podofilox removes the pointed condyloma from the skin preventing the division on the molecular level and necrosis of the external condyloma by means of the burning and mummifying action.

In the process of the application of Podofilox there is a fast reduction of condyloma as well as the termination of the appearance process of new forms. It is not completely clear how Podofilox prevents the appearance of new condyloma but the drawbacks of the drug action is that the probability of the reappearance of the forms increases as soon as you stop using ointment. 

Human papilloma virus cannot be removed from the body, and therefore you use such products as Podofilox to remove condyloma. It is almost impossible to cure this illness. But if you decided to buy Podofilox, you may be confident that this drug will help you to get rid of ugly and unpleasant forms on the skin and mucous membrane.

Directions for the use Podofilox

Podofilox is prescribed for the treatment of the pointed condyloma on the skin and mucous membranes (including genitals).

There are cases of Podofilox application to treat warts and other forms of papilloma. In this case, it is needed to consult a doctor and have diagnostics of the human papilloma virus in order to determine the forms of the virus and efficiency of this drug in this clinical case.

Podofilox: Dosage details

  • Podofilox is released in the form of gel and used externally
  • Gel is applied with a thin layer to every pointed condyloma
  • Excipient should not rubbed into the skin because Podofilox is quickly absorbed and the additional efforts are not needed from the patient.
  • After the application of gel, wait for 1-2 minutes till the drug completely absorbed into the skin and the place of the gel application will dry up.
  • If Podofilox gel reaches the healthy parts of the skin, it may cause local irritation, therefore try to avoid the skin area
  • Gel is applied once a day within 20-25 days
  • In case of the appearance of the side reactions the scheme of the treatment should be changed.

Podofilox: Side effects

Using Podofilox the local reactions are most probable such as irritation of the skin, itching, pain, edema, or inflammation in the places of the drug application.

In order to avoid the side effects try to follow that the drug is applied to condyloma only, and if the forms are located on the mucous membranes or around sphincter, less gel should be used.

Interaction with other medical products

The active component of Podofilox almost do not reach the system blood flow, and therefore the medical interaction with other drugs of the peroral use is practically impossible. Due to this, Podofilox may be used in combination with other medicines to improve the immunity, treat virus, etc.

If you worry about the possible interaction of Podofilox with used medicines, you can consult a doctor or pharmacist.


The cases of the overdoses with Podofilox drug are not observed. Applying a lot of gel, the risk of the drug to reach the healthy skin or mucous is increased, so that severe adverse effects may appear.

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Brand names include: Condylox / Condyline / Podofilox / Podowart S

Active ingredient: podophyllotoxin

Class: Topical keratolytics

Formulation Type :  topical solution

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